From the time of the Pharaohs to the Kingdom of Kush, agriculture has been the lifeblood of Sudanese society, sustaining communities and shaping cultural identity.

  • The fertile soils of the Nile River basin particularly in regions like Al Jazirah provide an ideal environment for the cultivation of staple crops such as wheat, sorghum, gum arabic, and millet.
  • Additionally the expansive farmlands of Sudan support a thriving horticultural industry, yielding a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs.
  • Sudanese farmers have been compelled to adapt and innovate, finding ingenious solutions to navigate the complexities of their landscape.
    They have embraced environmentally conscious approaches that ensure the long term vitality of their agricultural heritage.

Watercolor Illustration by Sudanese Artist Manar Abdul Rahman turned into Silk Creations: